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CREDO: I Give My Heart

cross_10308cWhen we say the Nicene Creed, we say, “We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth…” The word “creed” comes from the Latin word “credo,” which means “to believe,” or more deeply, “to give your heart.” Much of what we do together is an expression of what we believe in the sense of what we give our hearts to.

The St. Agnes Guild’s Generous Heart

On Saturday, November 2nd, the women of the St. Agnes Guild will hold their annual Canterbury Faire Holiday Bazaar. This wonderful event is an expression of their heart. They are devoted to their work of outreach and fellowship and this is a primary fund raising event. See the announcement here for more on this excellent holiday shopping opportunity.

We Give Love in the Kitchen

Our kitchen upgrade is coming together even as I write this. Each Sunday we prepare tea, coffee, and snacks for our social time after Sunday worship. Each Tuesday we prepare a meal for as many as 100 people living at Tent City 3. Shrove Tuesday Supper, the Harvest Dinner, and many brunches throughout the year are prepared in this kitchen. The kitchen at St. Dunstan’s Church, just like the kitchen in many homes, is the heart of our fellowship and compassion. The kitchen is a place where we give our heart in practical ways.

We Give our Heart to Friends

invitationfrontwebThis Sunday we celebrate “Invitation Sunday.” This is the first event of our annual campaign where we are all invited to “Tell your story, write our next chapter.” Invitation Sunday is our opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, and people who used to be members of our congregation to worship and then enjoy a tasty brunch after the service. We are collecting stories that we will add to our timeline of baptisms at St. Dunstan’s Church.

What do I give my heart to? (And where will I be next week?)

After the service Sunday I will be driving straight to the airport to fly to Jacksonville, Florida, for a weeklong conference for clergy called CREDO. The purpose of this conference is to develop a plan for personal growth in the areas of spirituality, health, finances, and vocation. Over eight days we will worship, pray, and work with experts in each of these four areas. (You can read more about CREDO at the web site, During this week away, Brother John Ryan will provide pastoral care coverage.

To answer my own first question, I give my heart to Jesus and to this congregation. Over the years I have been serving as your priest, I have learned that it is important for me to continue to grow spiritually, as a follower of Jesus, and as a leader. This conference will challenge me to go deeper in my vocation as a priest, and I hope to come back with new inspiration for our ministry together.

Yours in Christ,

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  1. I will keep you David in prayer for this week of spiritual growth and learning. Be free of all
    incumbencies, let your spirit be touched by the Spirit of God.

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