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From Our Seminarian, Jonathan

Hi, St. Dunstan’s:

Shannon and I have settled into Austin and begun our first weeks of seminary and work. Classes aren’t too difficult so far, but all the reading and figuring out a new schedule has been a little overwhelming. I’m looking forward to settling into a solid rhythm.

Shannon was able to find work as the Speech Therapist for several schools in the area. She has to drive about half an hour (one way) Monday through Wednesday and on Friday, but her Thursday school is quite close by.

According to the locals, the recent weather has been unusual. When we arrived it was in the low hundreds with moderate humidity for the first week or so, but then the storm that caused all the flooding in Louisiana came through over the course of the last two weeks, resulting in lower temperatures (highs in the upper 80’s), very high humidity, and lots of rain with minor flash flooding.

Tikka and Titan are enjoying chasing the various bugs and creepy crawlies Austin offers. They discovered crickets on the drive down and have been fascinated by them ever since. We’ve also come across some lizards and, after all the rain, large toads, which pretty much blow their minds (and behavior!) every time we find one.

We’re living in the converted attic of a house about a block from the seminary and have settled into the space well. We’re getting used to adjusting the air conditioning, and I haven’t bumped my head on the low bedroom ceiling in a while (I hit it a lot at first!).

We also wanted to thank you for your generosity in supporting our move to the Seminary of the Southwest. The church’s gift of more than $2,000 and St. Agnes’ addition of $1,000 has been a huge help and encouragement in supporting our moving expenses. We really appreciate it!

I’m going to try to keep you updated about once a month. I’m sure I’ll have more to share about my personal and spiritual development once my school schedule settles into a routine. Fr. David asked me to send some video of the campus and classes as well, so I’ll try to figure that out for you, too.

We hope you’re all doing well and miss you guys!

Your seminarian,
Jonathan Hanneman

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  1. Br John says:

    Jonathan and Shannon – glad to hear you are settling in as Southern Folks. “Bless your hearts”!! It sound like an adventure,
    and the formal education is only about to start. It is great the “kids”
    have found plenty of new creatures to play with. Shannon’s work
    schedule sounds a bit challenging, boy Jonathan you are going to owe her BIG TIME!!
    All funning aside, I miss seeing the two of you, learn a lot, do good and come safely. Prayers and Love to the both of you, your bro. John, O.C.P.

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