New Year, New Beginnings

2017On the Last Sunday after the Epiphany, February 26th, I will have been here for 8 years. I am very happy with what we have accomplished together and I am very optimistic about what the next year will bring. New years and anniversaries inspire us to look back, and to look forward.

Looking forward, I will be working with the vestry this year on a project to develop a new mission statement for our congregation. This work will take place beginning with our vestry retreat in late February. The vestry will then work with you in a process known as Appreciative Inquiry to ask what we love about our congregation, what we hope for, and what we hear God calling us to do with the gifts we have been given. The plan is to take that input and use it in early May at our Mutual Ministry Review to write a new mission statement and develop goals for the next year.

I give thanks to God for the vitality and faith of this congregation. We are making a real difference in our neighborhoods, our cities, and in our congregation. We are growing spiritually and worshiping beautifully. Thank you for all you do to make this possible.

Yours in Christ,

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