Summer Reading at St. Dunstan’s

This summer I am inviting you to read Simply Christian – Why Christianity Makes Sense, by N. T. Wright. N. T. Wright is a wonderful teacher and writer and this book is very accessible. In the first part of the book, he describes the ways we long for justice, spirituality, relationship, and beauty. In the second part, he lays out the Christian belief about God, who is known as the creator God, who is revealed to us by Jesus, and who we continue to experience and love as the Holy Spirit. In the third part he describes, “what it looks like in practice to follow this Jesus, to be energized by this Spirit, and above all to advance the plan of this creator God.” (Simply Christian, pg x)

We will have opportunities to enjoy conversations after Sunday services this summer where we can share our thoughts, questions, and insights from this book. If there is demand, we can also schedule one or more evenings to discuss the book in more depth.

This book is available in all formats, including as an audio book, through Amazon or other online book sellers. Let me know when you start reading, and feel free to check in with comments or questions. I look forward to sharing this experience with you this summer.

Yours in Christ,

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