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Tell Your Story

What is the farthest from home you have ever been? Why were you there? These sorts of questions invite us to discover and tell the stories that make up our lives. Stories reveal our loves, passions, hopes, and even fears. Stories are the threads that connect us as people in families, as friends, and as brothers and sisters in Christ. Who doesn’t love to hear a good story? And what could be better than to hear a friend’s story?


When Were You Baptized?

For the past several weeks, we have been looking through the baptism registers of St. Dunstan’s Church as we construct a timeline of all the baptisms that have occurred here. The register records the date, who was baptized, their parents’ names, who stood as sponsors, their birth date, the date and location of the baptism, and the name of the priest. Even with these bare details, stories emerge. There are obviously entire families being baptized at times and many occasions where there were six or ten or a dozen people being baptized. Some were infants, but many were adults as well.

What’s Your Baptism Story?

When were you baptized? Where did it happen? Who performed the service? Do you know the story? Baptism is our birth into the Christian family, so these stories of baptism are a wonderful way to enter into the story of our life together.

What’s Your Favorite St. Dunstan’s Church Story?

For the next several weeks we will be gathering and sharing stories of life, worship, and ministry at St. Dunstan’s Church over the years. Your story, your personal story, is an important part of the story of this congregation. Whether you have been here for 50 years or one month, your story is a part of the fabric of our life together. When we share these stories with one another, we get to know each other and we have the opportunity to hear what matters to each of us.

Our Story Continues

Of course, our stories continue as long as we live, and the stories of St. Dunstan’s Church will continue too. We all enter into and pass through the communal story of our congregation, and we have the opportunity to shape the story. What will the next adventure be? What will the next chapter of our congregations story be about?

Yours in Christ,

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