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The Hands of God

I touched the hands of God today. Actually, I anointed the hands of God today. I was taking communion to the elderly mother of one of newer our members at an Adult Family Home. As we prayed the Lord’s Prayer, I noticed that this caregiver, Ramona, was praying with us, so I invited her to join us. We shared communion and then she began to express her grief at the recent loss of one of her residents who had been with them for 12 years: “My daughter was just two when this woman came to live with us. They used to watch cartoons together. Now my daughter is turning 14. I am so sad. She was like family to us.”

So, I took out my oil for anointing and asked her if I could anoint her hands: “Ramona, I anoint your hands in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Loving God, these hands do your work. Her heart is your heart. Bless these hands to be your loving care and presence for each person she touches.” I anointed both her hands. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

When I finished, her eyes were full of tears, and I was sure I had just held and anointed God’s own hands. There is a moment like this in the Gospel for this coming Sunday. Peter, James and John go up the mountain with Jesus to pray, and they see him in a new way. He begins to glow, Moses and Elijah appear to speak with him, and God speaks from the clouds, “This is my son with whom I am very well pleased. Listen to him.” In that moment, the three disciples saw a deep truth about Jesus. I was grateful to see the truth about Ramona today.

Yours in Christ,

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