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Pentecost service


Together, In Community

The most inspiring examples of selfless giving involve not individuals but communities of people. On Sunday I talked about the Haiti Micah Project and their work over the past decade to feed, clothe, and educate the children of Mirebalais, Haiti. Haiti has suffered from crippling political struggles, repeated natural disasters, and a terrible economy. Even in this most difficult of environments there are clear signs of resurrection life. People throughout Haiti, like those who run the Haiti Micah Project orphanage, kitchen, and trade school, are pouring out their own lives in the hopes of giving better lives to children.

When we face personal tragedies, loss, or failure, we may not be able to respond with Christ-like generosity, but together, in community, we can not only support one another, we can also face the larger struggles of our neighborhoods and our world. I am not convinced that anyone can follow Christ alone. In moments of personal grief I can be overwhelmed, and so I need to be around others who can remind me of Christ and his self-giving love on the cross that leads to resurrection. When I see others suffering, I may not be able to do much by myself, but as a community we can make a real difference.

St. Dunstan’s Church is formed in worship to love and serve God. Our feeding ministries and our work hosting homeless encampments give us a way of pouring out our own lives in love and service, just as Christ has taught us. These efforts are an expression of God’s love inspired by our worship. As our congregation and our ministries grow we are seeing that our efforts to feed, host and care for others are blessed. I am grateful to be a part of this congregation.

Yours in Christ,

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  1. Thank you for your insight into community as lived out in a Christian Congregation.
    An important aspect of St. Dunstan’s and community in that place is the spiritual leadership
    provided by you, the Rector.

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