What do I love about being your priest?

Fr David PreachingThe first happens on Sunday morning. I stand before you and deliver my sermon, and then I raise my hands and sing the Eucharistic prayer. In those two actions I am giving the best of myself in service to God, and in community with all of you.
Sometimes people joke about the “magic hands” of a priest needed to consecrate the bread and wine for Holy Communion, but there is no special or magical power that comes with ordination. The privilege of preaching and the responsibility of presiding at the Eucharist come from our relationship. You, as the people of our congregation, call me to fulfill a specific role in our life of faith. My ordination empowers me to be in a particular kind of relationship with you. I cannot preach or preside without you. That is important to me. It is our relationship that makes all this work and it is our relationships that make this work worth doing.

The second iconic moment in my week happens on Tuesday at our Community Dinner. I typically hang out with the people waiting for dinner from about 5:00 PM until 5:30 when I say grace to start the meal. Then I eat, and make my way back into the kitchen where I wash pots, pans, and dishes. I love the team that cleans up. I love the fun we have together, laughing and joking as we work. I love that we do this work together every week and have a great time, both because we enjoy one another’s company, and because we are serving God’s people. We are putting our treasure in heaven!

There are plenty of other times in the week that are inspiring. I love the inspiring conversations we have at our Wednesday Bible Study. I love working with the St. Agnes Guild and Sunday School. I have many deep relationships and meaningful ministries that I share in with you. The work of ministry and worship we do together is a beautiful way to put our treasures in heaven.


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