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Pentecost service


What’s the Fuss?

mus004On Sunday we will crank up the volume on our worship with the Ain’t No Heaven Seven Dixieland Jazz Band leading our singing. Our choir returns this week as well, and will help us keep up with this delightful and inspiring music. What makes this week so special? Why all the celebration in music?

We Show Our Love for God in Music

When we worship and when we gather for fellowship at St. Dunstan’s Church you will hear good music. Music is a part of our identity as a congregation, so the return of the choir is itself a reason to celebrate!

Sunday School Resumes

One reason we are celebrating is the start of our Sunday School program for the year. Our well trained and supported team of Sunday School teachers will be commissioned at the start of the service and then take the children down to the classrooms for their first gathering of the year. We will have all the registration materials ready to go, and the nursery will be staffed.

St. Agnes Coffee Hour Returns

Another reason to celebrate is that the St. Agnes Coffee Hour will start again in another week. During the summer our Hospitality team handles the coffee hour, and next week they hand that back to the St. Agnes Guild. Fellowship, food, and coffee have always been central to our life together as followers of Jesus, and the St. Agnes Guild has long been the host of our weekly coffee hour.

Kick-off Sunday Picnic

picnicFinally, we celebrate the start of the Sunday School and Choir seasons with a pot-luck picnic. At 11:30, we will gather in the upper parking area to grill hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausages. We will provide the meats, buns, condiments, and sodas. You are invited to bring a side dish or dessert to share if you can. If you can’t, please come anyway. We always have lots to share!

So What’s the Fuss?

So why the music, food and all the rest this week? Jesus calls us into the rewarding but often difficult life of discipleship. We can only answer this call together, with mutual support, compassion and love. Singing together, teaching our children, and sharing the fun and food of the picnic all help us form the bonds of friendship, trust, and mutual support that we will need to live in Christ. You can’t do it alone, but with Christ we can do it together. Come and celebrate!

Yours in Christ,


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