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Reflections on Prayer

In the middle of Holy Week I experienced a moment of deep disappointment in my prayer life.

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Discovery Process Summit

On Saturday, May 6th, from 9 AM to noon we will gather at St. Dunstan’s Church to hear results from the first round of our Discovery Process. We have been sharing our most beautiful experiences, our values, and our hopes …

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Easter is the Way

The first Christians were called followers of “the Way.” They learned the story of Jesus from other followers, and then from the writings that became our New Testament. They changed their lives to live “the Way” …

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No Doctrine or Theology, Just a Meal

On the night Jesus was arrested, he gathered his disciples and shared a Passover meal. At this meal, Jesus gave them, and us, what he knew they would need to follow him and continue his work and ministry. He took …

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Dueling Sermons

Each week I go through a process of study and prayer to prepare a sermon for the coming Sunday. A On Monday I was talking with a good friend of mine, the Rev. Thomas Skillings, rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal …

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Where Do Sermons Come From?

Each week I go through a process of study and prayer to prepare a sermon for the coming Sunday. A sermon is a dialogue between the scriptures, what is going on in me, what is going on in our congregation, …

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What Does Our Rainbow Flag Mean?

The rainbow flag in front of our church signals that this is a safe place. In the months since the flag went up I have received queries from families with two moms or two dads asking if this would be …

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Seasonal Changes to Worship

With the changing seasons of the church calendar we experience changes in our worship. Lent is a time of penitence and self-reflection, and the worship and space reflect this. The decorative frontal comes off the altar, the priests wear purple …

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Going Deeper in Lent

Each of us have parts of ourselves we would rather not admit to. Each of us hold onto disappointments and grief in such a way as to hold ourselves back from fully living and fully trusting in God. How can …

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The Hands of God

I touched the hands of God today. Actually, I anointed the hands of God today. I was taking communion to the elderly mother of one of newer our members at an Adult Family Home. As we prayed the Lord’s Prayer, …

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