The Church that Feeds People

Pentecost service


On Earth as in Heaven

Every Sunday, I invite you to share in Holy Communion with these words: “Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here, in this place and at this table. There is food enough for all. Come and be

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Faith & A Sewing Machine

One of Pastor Ajmal Khan’s ministries

On Sunday we had a very special guest at our 8:00 AM service. The Rev. Dr. Ajmal Khan first visited us a year ago. Pastor Khan is the leader of an alliance of 25 …

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Summer Reading at St. Dunstan’s

This summer I am inviting you to read Simply Christian – Why Christianity Makes Sense, by N. T. Wright. N. T. Wright is a wonderful teacher and writer and this book is very accessible. In the first part of …

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Why Does a Good God Allow Evil?

On Sunday, I preached that God is present, here and now, in this world and in this life, with all our struggles and pain. This seems very hopeful to me, so I was surprised that the conversations during coffee hour …

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Together, In Community

The most inspiring examples of selfless giving involve not individuals but communities of people. On Sunday I talked about the Haiti Micah Project and their work over the past decade to feed, clothe, and educate the children of Mirebalais, Haiti. …

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Reflections on Prayer

In the middle of Holy Week I experienced a moment of deep disappointment in my prayer life.

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Discovery Process Summit

On Saturday, May 6th, from 9 AM to noon we will gather at St. Dunstan’s Church to hear results from the first round of our Discovery Process. We have been sharing our most beautiful experiences, our values, and our hopes …

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Easter is the Way

The first Christians were called followers of “the Way.” They learned the story of Jesus from other followers, and then from the writings that became our New Testament. They changed their lives to live “the Way” of Jesus because it …

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No Doctrine or Theology, Just a Meal

On the night Jesus was arrested, he gathered his disciples and shared a Passover meal. At this meal, Jesus gave them, and us, what he knew they would need to follow him and continue his work and ministry. He took …

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Dueling Sermons

Each week I go through a process of study and prayer to prepare a sermon for the coming Sunday. A On Monday I was talking with a good friend of mine, the Rev. Thomas Skillings, rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal …

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