Category: Vestry Corner

Why We Pay an Assessment to Our Diocese

This year we have set a goal of increasing our pledge support to St. Dunstan’s Church by at least 2%. We hope to do this through both new pledges from new members and through increased pledges from existing members. Our vestry and stewardship committee came up with this goal based on our desire to continue to invest in the growth and vitality of our congregation, the quality of our staff, and our participation in the Diocese of Olympia.

Embracing Our Community

>We have had some neighborhood complaints about Tent City 3 and have developed a Liaison Team of myself (Teresa Hugel) and Michael Harrington. We are both formally trained in conflict management and it seemed to be a good idea to have a man and a woman on the team. We are meeting with the leaders of Tent City 3 and SHARE/WHEEL to discuss the challenges that have come up, and will also be meeting with the Shoreline Police Department. It is very important that our handling of neighborhood complaints have a process.