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160519_ministriesLast Tuesday, one of our Community Dinner guests approached me for help. He needed an Al Anon group and wanted to know if we had one at St. Dunstan’s Church. We do, but I wanted to give him more options, so I went to my computer, brought up the Al Anon website and searched in our area code. The Al Anon meeting at St. Dunstan’s Church was first on the list. I am profoundly grateful that this congregation chooses to make our facilities available to these groups.

We host 7 different 12 step groups at St. Dunstan’s Church now; one for each day of the week. Each of these groups gathers to support one another to be freed from addiction of one kind of another, from alcohol, to sex/love, to overeating, or from the effects of living with someone who is an addict (Al Anon). We only charge a token fee for these groups to use our space because we want to support their work and their ministry. This is another way we give thanks to God for the buildings and grounds that have been entrusted to us.

If you know someone who needs help with addiction, or with having lived with someone who is an addict, let him or her know about the groups that meet at our church. You can find out about them by looking at our calendar or by going to the web site for the particular 12 step program. We currently host Al Anon, AA, SLAA, and Overeaters Anonymous meetings.

Yours in Christ,

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