12 Step Groups

150625_ministriesDo we come to church to be reassured of our basic goodness, or do we have the courage to admit that we need help from a higher power? Every one of the people attending a 12 step group at St. Dunstan’s Church (or anywhere) starts their meeting by saying something like, “Hi, my name is Bill, and I am an alcoholic.” Both the courage to admit that we do not have the answers or even the personal power to make our lives work and the support of a community of people are at least part of what makes 12 step groups work so well.

Maybe we who worship on Sunday morning could learn something about trusting in God from those who attend AA on Sunday night. On Sunday morning we say our corporate confession, asking for God’s forgiveness, but do we really admit to our need? I am grateful for the example and inspiration of the people who attend 12 step groups, and I pray that God will lead all of us to see and trust in our dependence on God and one another.

If you know someone who needs help with addiction, or with having lived with someone who is an addict, let him or her know about the groups that meet at our church. You can find out about them by looking at our calendar. The Highlands Family Al-Anon group meets on Friday mornings at 10:00AM. Release unto Hope AA (this group is for women only) meets Saturdays at 9:30AM. Counterpoint AA meets Sunday evenings at 7:00. Overeaters Anonymous meets on Mondays at 5:30PM.

Yours in Christ,

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