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140220_vestryLast night 23 people gathered at St. Dunstan’s Church in our Parish Hall to watch a gripping documentary about hunger in the United States. We so often think of skinny children with extended stomachs somewhere in the third world when we think of hunger, but one in four children in the United States will experience hunger at some time in their life. One in two children will receive some form of government food assistance. 50 million Americans experience food insecurity, meaning that at least once a week they do not know where their next meal is coming from. That is here, in the prosperous and powerful United States of America.

Feeding programs are important, but only address the urgent, immediate need. We also need to look at ways to effect political and social change to reduce the problem.

About half of the people that came last night were from Ronald United Methodist Church. We are exploring ways to work together between our congregations to influence our political leaders on issues of food security and hunger. Two of them were the regional directors of the Faith Action Network, and we will be in dialogue to explore ways St. Dunstan’s Church can help with their work. This is another example of the value of developing relationships with our neighbors to do God’s work in the world.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. David Marshall


  1. Patricia Jaeger says:

    The large problem, in my opinion, is lack of jobs. Rather than donating dollars for food, or even providing food from time to time, which are stopgap solutions, we need to address the cause:Lack of Better Employment. Then if families have a wage earner who can provide them with food and shelter, no more hunger. The skills are out there, for the most part, but employers need to be hiring. State and federal leaders need to address this situation as soon as possible.Civil unrest over the world is the result of governing bodies not addressing basic needs of their people.

  2. elizabeth hinkofer says:

    We are watching the news this morning and Walmart is complaining that cuts in food stamps have hurt there bottom line. I am not a fan of walmart but this illustrates
    how supporting feeding can support jobs. I think the issues have to be addressed on multiple levels. We need to work for change through our legislaters but that will take time and people are hungry now. I agree with Patrician that poverty and under employment are the bigger issues. I think the safety net that should be there for us has some holes in it that need mending.

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