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160623_ministriesYears ago I learned a wonderful lesson about hospitality from my wife. When we are preparing for a dinner party, we set the table before our guests arrive, and even before we cook the meal. There is something very welcoming and beautiful about a table set for a meal. A very similar thing happens each week before our Sunday worship. The Altar Guild sets the table, literally, for our worship. The altar, with its candles, chalice, paten, and linens is beautifully set so that as we walk into the space, it is clear that we will gather to worship the Lord.

Setting the table for our worship, preparing the space and the implements of worship, is a beautiful way of giving thanks to God and of participating the the life of your congregation. People on the Altar Guild will tell you that whether you are cleaning linens or carefully placing the wine and bread for the beginning of worship, this is a ministry of prayer.

The Altar Guild is open to men and women who feel called to care for and prepare the implements of our worship. If you would like to participate in creating our worship but you do not see yourself out front, reading or serving the wine, consider joining the altar guild. New members learn by working with veteran members. There is a real team spirit of support and fun. If you are wondering about this ministry, or would like to try it out, talk to Joy Barnsdale, our Altar Guild director.

Yours in Christ,

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