Altar Guild

I love walking into our sanctuary early on Sunday mornings just before the congregation arrives. There is a wonderful sense of expectation and peace. The table is already set for Holy Communion, there are candles lit, the lectionary book is on the lectern, and the space is ready for worship. That is the gift our altar guild gives us every week.

Setting the table for our worship, preparing the space and the implements of worship, is a beautiful way of giving thanks to God and of participating the life of your congregation. People on the Altar Guild will tell you that whether you are cleaning linens or carefully placing the wine and bread for the beginning of worship, this is a ministry of prayer.

The Altar Guild is open to men and women who feel called to care for and prepare the implements of our worship. If you would like to participate in creating our worship but you do not see yourself out front, reading or serving the wine, consider joining the altar guild. New members learn by working with veteran members. There is a real team spirit of support and fun. If you are wondering about this ministry, or would like to try it out, talk to Joy Barnsdale, our Altar Guild director.

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