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150115_ministriesCare Teams are a prayer ministry with a high-tech twist. Each person on a Care Team receives a weekly email listing all the prayer requests and care needs we are aware of within and beyond our congregation, and then they do whatever they are inspired to do. Sometimes that means saying a prayer or sending a card. It could involve delivering a meal, or organizing meals for a week. It could also involve giving a ride to church, or just making a friendly call to check in with someone.

The Care Teams report is the lifeline of the ministry. Karen Tynes manages this report, gathering prayer requests, rides requests, and any other need that we or someone we know might express. Each week our rector, our Pastoral Associate, staff, and our Pastoral Care Team review the report. Karen collects our input and publishes the report each week on Wednesday evening, and we use the names from this report in our prayers on Sunday mornings.

There are no rules about what we should do with the report. There is a team that is “on” each week, but everyone receives the report whether their team is on or not. Each week the team that is on agrees to read the report and pray, as they feel moved, for the people on the report and their needs. If someone feels moved to send a card or offer a meal, that is wonderful. If someone else realizes they can offer a ride, beautiful. Somehow, it all seems to work out when we set out to love and care for one another.

This is a very low-overhead ministry for the people on the Care Teams. There are no meetings other than a yearly gathering to train people on how to use the list. There are no reporting requirements. All you need is a willing heart and an email address, and the email address is optional. If you would like to join one of our Care Teams, please speak with me or with Karen Tynes. If you have a prayer request, please let us know. Love is best when we give it away.

Yours in Christ,

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