Listening to music can inspire us, move us with strong emotions, energize us, and fill us with joy. When we sing, helping to make the music, the music gets inside us and the experience is even more wonderful. Our choir has a great time rehearsing on Thursday evenings and singing together on Sundays.

I have heard it said that when we sing, we pray twice. The words of our hymns are the first prayer and somehow, singing those words with others moves them from our head into our hearts, and as we breath and sing together, matching notes and creating harmonies, we become a part of something beautiful. Singing is a beautiful way of saying I love you to God.

The Choir at St. Dunstan’s Church is open to anyone who wants to sing. We have people in the choir who have been making music all their lives and people who don’t know the names of the squiggly marks on music sheets. Our Music Director, Susanna Valleau, is gifted at encouraging all of us. If you are looking for a way to get more involved in worship, make new friends, and learn more about singing, talk to Susanna or to me. We’d love to have you in the choir.

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