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150514_ministriesIn the past year our choir and music committee have worked to create a new kind of music ministry at St. Dunstan’s Church. The choir has enthusiastically worked with Jonathan Hanneman and David Lepse to create a group that welcomes everyone into the joy of choral singing. Jonathan has taken down barriers, real or perceived, to welcome new people into our choir. The choir has learned new music and learned to sing together with joy. We have sung old hymns and newly composed anthems.

In that same time our music committee set out to discern and describe the musical hopes and dreams of our congregation and then use them to find our new music director. They surveyed the congregation and then worked together to interpret the feedback, creating an expressive description of our congregation’s musical personality and ambitions.

Finally, both the choir and the music committee participated in the audition and interview process for our final candidates. This culminated in hiring Susanna Valleau, who will start in June. The choir and music committee have used their gifts and their passions to fulfill their ministries. This is the best way I know of to show our gratitude to God, and is surely a living sign of good stewardship.

Yours in Christ,

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