Come to Dinner!

150507_ministriesHave you been to our Community Dinners yet? If not, I would like to encourage you to come and experience the quality meal and good fellowship on Tuesday evenings. In fact, I would like to invite you to eat with me. I eat at the Community Dinner every week and would love to share that meal with you.

The Community Dinner crowd is a mix of St. Dunstan’s Church members and neighbors. This meal provides both good food and good fellowship. We abide in Christ by feeding the hungry, welcoming our neighbors, and sharing in the abundance of God’s love.

There are several ways you can participate in Community Dinners in addition to enjoying the meals. The setup team starts putting up tables and chairs and then setting the tables around 3:00PM, led by Chris Johns. The kitchen crew is usually starting about that same time, with lots of chopping and prep work. There are jobs for anyone, regardless of kitchen experience, and Josef takes great care of this crew, making sure they always have a good time. The cleanup crew seems to have the best time (no kidding!). They start cleaning even as the meal service starts and are usually done by 8:00PM. Harvey leads this team. No need to call ahead. Just show up and poke your head into the kitchen and join the fun.

Yours in Christ,

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