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Deacon Richard BuhrerOn Saturday afternoon, after the second Memorial Service in as many days, my voice was almost completely gone because of a quickly advancing cold. I finally had to admit that I was not going to be able to do the services on Sunday. That is when I called Deacon Richard. We are blessed to have a deacon assigned to St. Dunstan’s Church, and Deacon Richard brings a wealth of worship leadership experience. I knew, when I was not well, that Deacon Richard could take the service we had planned and adapt it to a very good Morning Prayer service.

Giving thanks to God is the bedrock of good stewardship, and I give thanks for Deacon Richard and his ministry to St. Dunstan’s Church. The ministry of a deacon is to proclaim the Gospel, set the Table, and send us out into the world to do God’s work. I once heard a story of the role of deacon in the early church. The deacon would greet people as they arrived for the Eucharistic feast, receiving gifts of food. The deacon would select the best bread and wine for the Holy Eucharist, and then distribute the rest of the food to those who needed it, both within the congregation and outside the congregation. I love that image of the deacon as the icon of our care for one another and for our neighbor. When Richard stands at the door to the sanctuary and says, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord,” he is sending us out to take the abundance of love and grace we have received from God and share that with the world.

The ministry of the deacon is vital to the Church. If you feel called to this ministry, please speak with Deacon Richard to learn more about becoming a Deacon and the many ways deacons serve.

Yours in Christ,

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