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Directory Time…Again!

Directory 093013_Page_01When we finished the last Member Directory, I thought we would not need another for quite a while, but there are so many new faces! Thanks be to God!

Beginning next Sunday and into October, Randy Van Heusden will be available to take pictures. If you like your picture in the last directory, we’ll just use it again. If you want another, please hang around after church, and Randy will take your picture. If you already have a picture you would like to use, you may email it to or just leave it in the basket on the table below the bulletin boards. There will be envelopes to hold the pictures. I promise we will return them to you once they have been scanned for the directory. When the directories are printed, they will be available at no charge.

150917_ministries_02And for you new folks, the pictures Randy takes are just for the directory. We will not be trying to sell you any prints.

BTW, this is Randy. He is really tall and will have a camera hanging around his neck. Thank you Randy for your skill and help!

Karen Tynes
Ministry Coordinator

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