Eucharistic Ministers

150108_ministriesAt our Sunday morning worship there are people serving at the altar wearing a simple white robe. These men and women are our Eucharistic Ministers. They carry the Gospel book in procession, read the Prayers of the People, and assist at the altar during Holy Communion. When we begin distributing the bread and the wine, our Eucharistic Ministers serve the wine and occasionally assist with the bread.

Eucharistic Ministers (EMs) wear the simple white robe (an alb) to both set them apart as leaders of worship, and to remove the distinctions of wealth and class that our individual clothes can reveal. When you serve as a Eucharistic Minister, saying the words of the Eucharist, “The blood of Christ, the cup of salvation,” for each person that comes forward, you experience the power and beauty of Holy Communion at a whole new level. Serving as an EM is a wonderful way to give thanks to God by participating in the leading of worship.

The main requirement to become a Eucharistic Minister is a love of God and of our worship. You will need the physical ability to serve a cup, read the prayers, and carry the Gospel book. Church law requires that EMs be confirmed adults (at least 16 years of age). If you would like to experience worship in this way, please speak with me or with Rica O’Connor. We will have a training for Eucharistic Ministers in this Epiphany season and would love to include you.

Yours in Christ,

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