Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic MinistersI remember the first time, years before I was ordained, that I served at the altar offering the wine with those familiar words, “The blood of Christ, the cup of salvation.” The experience was profoundly moving. Each person that approached was coming to share communion with God and with their sisters and brothers in Christ, and I was privileged to participate and facilitate in that beautiful, shared act.  The role of Eucharistic Minister takes us into the ritual and beauty of communion as we give our hearts in gratitude to God.

The main requirement to become a Eucharistic Minister is a love of God and of our worship.  You will need the physical ability to serve a cup, read the prayers and carry the Gospel book. Church cannon requires that EMs be confirmed adults (at least 16 years of age).  If you would like to experience worship in this way, please speak with me or with Rica O’Connor. We will have a training for Eucharistic Ministers early in Lent and would love to include you.

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