Eucharistic Visitors

Presider: One body are we.
People:  For though many, we share one bread and one cup.
Presider: Go bearing holy gifts for holy people.

We are one body in Christ. Even when one of our members is unable to attend worship and share in the Eucharist, we are still one body, and we celebrate that by sending our Eucharistic Visitors to bring communion to those who cannot attend worship in person, whether it is a temporary situation, or a permanent one. We want to stay in relationship.

The ministry of Eucharistic Visitors is to extend the fellowship, comfort, and encouragement of Holy Communion. The visit is far more than dropping off bread and wine. Eucharistic Visitors share as much of the service as the person can manage, offering prayers, talking about the sermon, and checking in to see how the person is doing.

The ministry of the Eucharistic Visitor is a powerful and rewarding way of giving thanks to God while extending blessing and fellowship. We always send people out in pairs, just as Jesus sent the disciples out to share the good news in pairs. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, or if you would like a visit, please contact the office of St. Dunstan’s Church.

Yours in Christ,

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