Eucharistic Visitors

150402_ministriesAt the end of our celebration of Holy Communion the deacon calls forward the Eucharistic Visitors who are going out that week and we say a prayer of sending:

Deacon: One body are we.
People: For though many, we share one bread and one cup.
Deacon: Go bearing holy gifts for holy people.

With these words we send out specially trained and licensed members of our congregation to take communion to people who cannot be with us in person.

There are times and seasons in people’s lives when they are not able to attend worship with us, but they are still members of our congregation, and they are still our sisters and brothers in Christ. The ministry of Eucharistic Visitors is to extend the love, comfort, and encouragement of Holy Communion to those who cannot be with us in person.

The ministry of the Eucharistic Visitor is a powerful and rewarding way of giving thanks to God while extending blessing and fellowship. We always send people out in pairs, just as Jesus sent the disciples out to share the good news in pairs. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, or if you would like a visit, please contact the office of St. Dunstan’s Church.

Yours in Christ,

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