Feeding Ministries

In the Road to Emmaus story, Cleopas and his companion walk and learn from Jesus, and then invite him to stay with them and share a meal. Jesus offers a blessing and breaks the bread, and in that moment, they recognize him. Breaking bread is a spiritual act. Sharing a meal with someone is a spiritual blessing. We are blessed every time we feed someone, whether stranger or friend. St. Dunstan’s Church has been abundantly blessed by our feeding ministries.

Every week we feed between 100 and 130 people at our community dinner in our parish hall and we deliver meals to five different tent encampments. All told we are feeding about 350 people a week. That is about a 20% increase over this time last year and we continue to experience abundance, thanks to the generosity of each of you who contribute to this ministry by helping gather food, set up for the meal, cook the food, deliver the meals, and clean up afterwards.

The work we do chopping vegetables, setting up tables, and washing pots is deeply spiritual. We are formed as followers of Jesus as we work shoulder to shoulder to care for others. This is a practical lesson in theology. This is an experience of the Gospel. You can enjoy this ministry as well. Just show up any Tuesday.

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