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150716_ministriesAs we walked out the doors after worship on Sunday we were greeted with the sight of Josef in his natural element, cooking and surrounded by the delicious smells of burgers and sausages on the grill for our Summer Picnic. The food for this feast was provided by you, the members of our congregation. You shared delicious side dishes, including baked beans, salads, pasta, and treats like potato chips and corn chips. The burgers, sausages, buns, and all the vegetables and condiments were contributed by our Community Dinners ministry, as were the abundant desserts.

We have discovered a calling and a passion for feeding people. St. Dunstan’s Church has always enjoyed special meals together. Before there were community dinners we provided meals for Tent City 3, and before that we had our Harvest Dinners and Shrove Tuesday events. We have a great kitchen, and God has blessed us with people who love to cook and put on a good meal.

The central ritual of our worship is the Holy Eucharist, which is itself a ritual meal in memory of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. When I am sitting in the midst of a Community Dinner or sharing a burger at one of our picnics, I look around at the happy people, and I know this is a beautiful expression of Eucharist. I give thanks for all of you and all that you do to feed God’s people.

Yours in Christ,

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