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"Sunflowers" by Vincent Van GoghWe gather at the Lord’s Table each Sunday to share in Holy Communion, and like a well set table in your home, we adorn the space with flowers. These flowers are a beautiful offering of thanksgiving to God in two important ways.

First, the flowers are given each week in memory of or to honor a loved one or for a special thanksgiving. People sign up to sponsor the flowers on a Sunday and give a dedication that is printed in the Weekly Announcements insert. In this way the flowers are an offering of thanksgiving and a visible prayer that graces our worship with beauty and gratitude.

The second way the flowers are an offering of thanksgiving is that each week members of our Altar Guild purchase and arrange the flowers for worship. Ann-Patrice and Tina lead the effort with guidance from Dixie. Their creativity in selecting and arranging the flowers is an expression of stewardship, using their creative gifts to give thanks to God while blessing our worship.

You can sponsor flowers for any Sunday during the program year. (We generally do not have flowers at the altar during the summer.) To sponsor a Sunday, look at the calendar next to the doors to the sanctuary for an open Sunday and then call Ann-Patrice Riccardo. Then you should send a note (email or paper) to the office giving the dedication and date and a check to the St. Mary’s Altar Guild Fund to cover the cost of the flowers. A typical arrangement costs $40. If you want to hire a florist to do something more elaborate, Dixie or Ann-Patrice can help you with that.

Yours in Christ,

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