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“One of the principle rules of religion is to lose no occasion of serving God. And since he is invisible tour eyes, we are to serve him in our neighbor; which he receives as if done to himself in person, standing visibly before us.” – John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis quote showed up in my daily morning prayer on Tuesday this week and immediately brought to mind the work our congregation does with the people of Tent City 3. We have been feeding them on Tuesday evenings for over three years now. Last year we hosted the encampment on our campus and had the chance to get to know the people even better. This coming Saturday, Tent City 3 will once again move onto St. Dunstan’s Church grounds. We will welcome them with breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday as they do the huge job of moving their camp.

Last year, a few weeks after Tent City 3 moved off of our property, one of our closest neighbors came by the church to speak with me. He said, “I was nervous about having them here, but I have to say they were great. I would support you having them back any time.” About a month after that we got a call from the Shoreline police asking when we would host TC3 again. It turns out that there is less crime, and so less need for patrols, on the Interurban Trail when Tent City is hosted at St. Dunstan’s Church. All of that is great, but the real blessing is to get to know these people, to hear their stories, and to walk with them for a brief time as sisters and brothers in Christ. If you would like to help welcome the people of TC3 to St. Dunstan’s Church, please contact Liz Hinkofer or Teresa Hugel.

Yours in Christ,

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