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Photo by Sean O'Flaherty

Photo by Sean O’Flaherty

For the last two weeks, with all the cold weather and snow, we have had a lot of extra activity at St. Dunstan’s Church. When the temperatures dropped below freezing we invited our guests at Tent City 3 to warm themselves at the fireplace in our hall. On the coldest nights we invited them to sleep indoors as well. I really enjoyed having the church full of people during the day. I got to know more of the residents of TC3 and some of their fascinating stories.

Throughout these 6 days or so, members of our congregation and neighbors kept coming in to help. Some of our parishioners made coffee or hot cereal for our guests. The residents of TC3 themselves helped with keeping the space clean. People from the neighborhood showed up too.

Each day I watched cars pull into our parking lot. People got out of those cars with armloads of coats, and blankets. Some would come to the church door, and I directed them to the TC3 entrance where they could make their donation. I also thanked them for thinking of the needs of our guests.

Not every ministry is organized with a committee or a chairperson. Sometimes our ministry is simply to give thanks to God by helping out. Sometimes, the best stewardship of our gifts is simply to show up.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. David Marshall

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  1. Mary Pacher says:

    We are blessed to be a part of this ministry. St. Dunstan’s and our neighbors are doing the work that God is calling us to do. God bless the many people who have helped our guests at Tent City 3.

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