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Pentecost service

Celebrating our Ministries


141009_ministriesThe Israelites complained to Moses, whining and griping. Then, Moses complained to God, ready to throw the towel in and leave those complainers to their own end, but God did not abandon the people or Moses. The entire episode came to life for us on Sunday because the lector did more than read: she interpreted the story bringing to life the fears, the complaints, the resentment, and the wonder of what God did by bringing water forth from the rock.

Good readings elevate our worship and open us up to the depth and mystery of our faith. Our lectors read their assigned readings ahead of time, looking for the story or the meaning or the significance, and then practicing so that they can convey all that to the congregation. The ministry of lectors, the people who read the Scripture in our worship services, is a wonderful way that we give thanks to God. By reading the scriptures with such care and attention to meaning and interpretation, we not only enter into God’s work of salvation, we make God’s love and grace available to others.

Yours in Christ,

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