Meals Ministry

150305_ministriesOur past Sr. Warden, Karen Tynes, made an interesting observation at her last Vestry meeting: all of the growth and new ministries we are experiencing at St. Dunstan’s Church are an expression of Christian hospitality. We have taken hospitality far beyond welcoming visitors. We are feeding the strangers (and new friends) that show up at our doors on Tuesday evenings. We are feeding the homeless of Tent City 3. We are hosting that same encampment on our property. Our St. Agnes Guild is making grants to support these ministries and many more. Our youth are hosting three other youth groups to participate in the 30 Hour Famine program to raise awareness and funds to fight hunger globally.

In a quiet, humble way we are also engaging in basic hospitality by taking meals to people on our prayer list. All of these forms of hospitality, and especially the ministry of feeding those in need, are an expression of our gratitude to God. We give thanks by extending the love and care that God has for us to others. All this Christian hospitality is good stewardship. We are Paying-It-Forward!

You can participate in the meals ministry by preparing and delivering meals to people who are sick or recovering from surgeries or other life challenges. The best way to get involved is to join our Care Teams so that you get the weekly emails listing prayer needs. Please contact Karen Tynes for more information.

Yours in Christ,

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