Mission to Seafarers

150205_ministriesLast Saturday evening I put on a tuxedo, complete with a bright red bowtie, and served a seven-course meal to the Bishop, his wife, and six guests. Josef Hinkofer created the menu and cooked the food. We did this to support the Mission to Seafarers ministry led by Ken Hawkins. The dinner was an auction item at the annual Mission fund raising event.

Josef and I had a great time serving this fancy meal. Serve from the right, remove from the left…I did my best to be a good waiter, and Josef certainly did his best as the chef for the meal. This is our second year doing this event, and we will probably do it again next year. The Mission to Seafarers brings comfort, care, compassion, and practical help to thousands of seafarers in the port of Seattle every year. This meal, and the theater of preparing and serving it, is a wonderful way we can give thanks to God and support this important ministry.

You can support the Mission to Seafarers yourself by donating; by helping to pack the ditty bags they give out every Christmas; by volunteering as a driver to shuttle seafarers from ships to shopping, doctors, and other necessities; or by attending the annual Cruise Ship Luncheon where you can bid to be the host of next year’s dinner with the Bishop. Josef will cook a gourmet meal, and I’ll put on my penguin suit and serve it. And we’ll all be supporting God’s work.

Yours in Christ,

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