Music at St. Dunstan’s Church

160505_ministriesWhen we sing in church we breath in and out together. We sing the same words and music together. Singing brings us together: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Like a perfectly choreographed dance, we raise our voices in song and in prayer, and we become one.

At St. Dunstan’s Church we are blessed to have an enthusiastic, committed choir led by our talented and encouraging Music Director, Susanna Valleau. As a member of the choir, I have watched the group grow in ability over this past year. We can now learn and sing music that would have confounded us just a few months ago.

Our bell choir is led by Karin Rogers, and we have been treated to many wonderful musical offerings. And now, with the new purchase of hand chimes (a memorial gift from the family of Dean Ellis), the bell choir will offer even more beautiful music. I always think the bell choir is up to something because they seem to be having just a little too much fun!

We also enjoy wonderful instrumental offerings from people in our congregation and musical guests brought to us by Susanna. Susanna, the choir, the bell choir, and the instrumentalists bring beauty and inspiration to our worship that can shake us out of the usual and expected and delight us and surprise us.

The heart of stewardship is to use the gifts God has given us to the best of our ability. When we use our gifts, we are giving honor and praise to God. When we use those gifts for the benefit of others, we are participating in God’s work of love. Our music at St. Dunstan’s Church is a profound offering of thanks.

Our choir includes people with a lifetime of musical experience and people who don’t really know the names of all those squiggly lines and circles in the music. Susanna has successfully brought us together, teaching all of us at our various levels and allowing us to experience the joy of making beautiful music together. If you would like to sing in the choir or offer your music instrumentally, please talk to Susanna.

Yours in Christ,

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