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ps104kcThank you to everyone who showed up for the Summer Choir on August 17. I had a great time working with you all and really appreciated your interest, questions, and feedback. It’s been more than a decade since I directed a choir, so I’ll take all the help and reminders I can get!

We’d like to get the choir back into action on a more regular basis. Please join me after the Community Dinner at 7:00 on Tuesday, September 9, as we go over the hymns and learn an offertory song for Sunday the 14th. I plan for rehearsal to be over by 8:30 at the latest. If you can’t make the Tuesday rehearsal, we’ll go over the music again before the service on Sunday starting around 9:00. Come to as many practice sessions as you’re able!

I believe that music, as worship, grows out of the local congregation itself. God gives us gifts and interests so we can offer back our praise. If you have any desire to sing—even if your Junior High teacher said you weren’t any good—I’d love to have you join us. No matter your skill level, we’ll figure out a part for you. If you have mobility issues, we’ll work with you on that, too. Everyone who’s willing may come!

Also, if you have any interest in providing additional music for a service, like an instrumental prelude or even a solo song, please let me know by emailing I’d love to have our services overflow with the sounds of our congregation giving thanks to God from the music of our hearts!

Thanks again,

Jonathan Hanneman
Parish Administrator/temporary music guy

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