Musical Gifts

140723_ministriesOn the 7th Sunday after Pentecost our worship began with a beautiful prelude titled Pavane by Gabriel Faure. Susanna Valleau on the piano accompanied Karin Rogers on flute and Lisa McNeill on clarinet. I was transported by the music, and I appreciate how Susanna, Karin, and Lisa set the tone for the entire service. Lisa and Karin went on to play their instruments and accompany Susanna in supporting our singing of hymns. Karin and Susanna then offered the Allegro from Sonata in C Minor by Telemann as our offertory music.

We are blessed to have these and many other gifted musicians in our congregation. A mentor recently said to me that the music is what makes our worship prayer. When you sing with the people around you, you are breathing in time with them, saying the same words in time with them, and blending your voice with theirs. All our voices, breath, and intentions join in a musical prayer. This is our worship. This is how we give thanks to God for our lives.

A week before we heard Susanna, Karin, and Lisa’s musical offerings, the three of them arranged to get together after worship and just play a few things. They had so much fun they decided to offer the music the next week for our service. If you would like to offer or explore musical gifts for our worship, or for the life of our congregation, please speak with Susanna Valleau, our Music Director. Music is one of the many gifts God gives us that we enjoy most when we can share it with others.

Yours in Christ,

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