New Offerings in Adult Christian Education

return_11762cJesus calls us to be his Disciples. That means we are called to follow him and to learn from him. In the next year I will be offering a series of four new classes:

  • Basic Anglicanism
  • Basic Christianity
  • Basic Bible
  • Basic Discipleship

On September 27th I will teach the first session of Basic Anglicanism. Our new schedule of worship with 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Henry Chapel allows me to teach at 9:00AM, between the 8:00AM and 10:00AM service on the other Sundays of each month. I will offer the other three topics as evening programs throughout the year.

On September 22nd we will launch a five-week series with a showing of a new documentary titled, “Speaking of Dying,” which is a compassionate and powerful look at the end of our lives and how we can “live deeply and die well.” The following four weeks we will offer four sessions with Trudy James to reflect on the topics of the movie and use the excellent “Five Wishes” resource to communicate with family and friends about our wishes for living out our last years and days with dignity and purpose.

Participating in Christian education and formation programs like these is one of the ways we can give thanks to God for the blessings of our lives. God gives us life, and honor God by living well. Our Christian Education programs are another way we strive to live well, as good stewards and grateful children of our generous and loving God.

Yours in Christ,

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