Our Pledging Members

151022_ministriesThere is an interesting moment early each Sunday morning when the worship leaders are gathering. The table is set; the candles are lit; the bulletins have been set out; and I look out into an empty sanctuary and wonder, “What if no-one comes?” This week, just as I had that very thought, the doors of the church opened and people started streaming in. As much as I love leading worship, there is no worship without you. Together we create a wonderful reality that fills our hearts. Your participation, and your financial pledge, make our congregation and our worship possible, but more than that, together we are more than any one of us could hope to be. Together, we are God’s beloved family. Together, we are the Body of Christ. Together, we are the gathering of holy friends that helps us through the toughest times and celebrates the joyous times.

Your financial pledge allows us to create the ongoing context, space, and possibility of St. Dunstan’s Church. Giving of your wealth to support your congregation allows us to set the stage, so to speak, to make it possible for worship, ministries, education, fellowship, celebration, and compassionate caring to take place.

I pay my pledge by automatic deposit each month, and when I see the email confirming my payment, I know I have done my part to keep St. Dunstan’s Church strong, to keep the possibility and the hope of God’s loving community growing and thriving. Thank you for your pledge, and for faithfully fulfilling that pledge each month. I pray that you will know all the blessings of Christian community.

Yours in Christ,

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