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thankyou_6026cOne of the most gratifying things I know is working with a collegial, collaborative group of people who share a common goal. We have just such a group in the staff of St. Dunstan’s Church. Our staff includes Tim as Music Director, Jonathan, our office administrator, Br. John as Pastoral Associate, Deacon Richard Buhrer, Mary E. Pacher as Christian Education Director, Joan Baker for graphic design, and Karen Tynes, our Sr. Warden. Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 we meet to review the previous Sunday’s worship, plan the coming week, and look forward to upcoming events and services. What I love most about working with this staff is their depth of experience and wisdom. I can bring an idea and toss it out to the group and watch as they consider, analyze, and build on that idea. In the process they will suggest three more ideas. That was the experience we had this week as Karen joined us for the first time as our new Sr. Warden. Riding high on the joyous celebration of Sunday’s Celebration of Ministries and Annual Meeting, we started looking forward to the next year.

I am grateful for the love that our staff has for God and for our congregation. This is going to be a good year for St. Dunstan’s Church, and I am grateful for this wonderful group of dedicated people.

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