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shawl_6008cA prayer shawl is a prayer made physical. When we are in great need, or struggling with our health, or facing great challenges, the prayers of friends sustain us. A prayer shawl wraps around us in a warm, loving embrace, making present the prayers and love of those who pray for us. I know this, because at a time of great need, I received a prayer shawl. To this day, six years later, I still wrap that shawl around my shoulders to say my prayers on cold mornings. That beautiful shawl reminds me that we love and pray for one another, and God’s love is manifest.

St. Dunstan’s Church has an active prayer shawl ministry. As prayer needs are offered through our Care Teams, we watch for opportunities to respond with a shawl or lap blanket. People in our congregations, both at the Henry Chapel and St. Dunstan’s Church, knit or crochet shawls, and we then bless them in our worship to carry our love and care to those in need.

Prayer shawls, both in their creation and in the giving, are a grateful response to God’s love. When someone knits a new shawl, each stitch is a prayer made real in the world; a prayer that God’s love and comfort will flow to whoever wears this shawl. When we pray over new shawls in worship, we are expressing our faith in God’s love and our compassion for those who suffer. When we give a shawl, we are expressing the very love that God has given us.

You are invited to contribute new shawls to be blessed and given, and you are encouraged to suggest people to whom we can give with these objects of love and prayer.

Yours in Christ,

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