Rector’s Discretionary Fund

160609_ministriesOne of the great privileges I have as your rector is to give financial aide to people in need using the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. This role, giving this small measure of support, allows me to enter into relationship with people in a practical way at important moments. Some of the funds go to people we don’t know well who come to the congregation looking for help, but most goes to people we do know; people who have a relationship with our congregation.

The most valuable commodity we, as a congregation, have to offer is relationship. That is the guiding principle I use in deciding how and when to use the money in the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. I try to distribute the funds in ways that bring people into relationship, both with our congregation and with God. When considering whether to give someone money, I ask myself, will this build God’s kingdom? Will this gift bless relationships?

The funds in my discretionary account come from donations from parishioners, from the stipends I receive for funerals and weddings, and from gifts from the St. Agnes Guild. There are strict rules for how I use these funds. I cannot use them in any way that benefits me personally, such as paying for my lunch, for books, or for continuing education classes. This money is meant for alms, and our treasurer audits the fund each year.

If you have a financial need, I might be able to help. The funds are limited, but I can help with small problems, and the help I offer is always confidential. If you receive an unexpected windfall, please consider giving a tithe (10%) to the church or to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. The Rector’s Discretionary Fund is a practical way we give our thanks to God and share the gifts God has given us with those in need.

Yours in Christ,

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