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When you want to get to church, but you don’t have a ride, call. We can help. One of the most active ministries of our Care Teams is our Rides Ministry. A call to the office, or an email to Karen Tynes is all it takes to get to church. This is a 100% volunteer effort, and is a wonderful expression of Christian stewardship. Karen Tynes told me, “Just to say, when someone needs a ride, we have always been able to take care of them.”

Currently, the regular drivers are Janet Allen, Dennis Beals, Karen Tynes, Henny Van Dursen, and Rica O’Connor. Back-up drivers are Phyllis Collingwood, Rich and Karen Williams, Chris Johns, Harley and Melinda Wahl, Jill Spruce, and Karin Rogers. We now give rides to more than a dozen people.
Stewardship is our response to God’s love and generosity. When we bless others with our own bounty, as when you offer a ride to someone, you are giving thanks to God in the most practical way.
If you would like to offer rides, or if you find yourself needing a ride, please contact Karen Tynes.

Yours in Christ,

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