Rides Ministry

150212_ministries_02Every week members of our congregation give rides to people who would not otherwise be able to attend our worship. This generous ministry is coordinated through our Care Teams. Giving a fellow parishioner a ride to church is a practical and pragmatic expression of caring and generosity. Giving a ride is a meaningful way to give back to God and to give thanks. In other words, giving a ride is good stewardship.

I am repeatedly reminded that the most important thing we have to offer as a congregation is relationship, both with God and with one another. Giving a ride allows you to get to know someone, and it allows that person to participate in our worship. Caring for others in practical ways is so important to our life in Christ.

I would like to thank the people who are giving rides now for their generosity. If you need a ride, or if you would like to offer a ride, please contact Karen Tynes.

Yours in Christ,

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