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lisaLisa, our parish administrator, is leaving St. Dunstan’s Church to go to Alaska where her husband works and to be at home full time with her daughter. We are delighted for Lisa to have this opportunity, but we are very sorry to see her go. Lisa has been a wonderful member of our staff for the past two years. She brought her intelligence, hard working attitude, kindness, good cheer, and youthful perspective to the position.

No matter what Lisa is working on, when the phone rings or someone comes into the office, that person becomes her top priority. Each time I ask her to take on a new task, she tackles it with enthusiasm, usually surprising me with creative solutions or ideas beyond what I envision. Lisa sees opportunities and makes the most of them, making welcome improvements to our communications and office procedures. She also challenges me to use tools such as Facebook and our website to better reach people both inside and outside our community. She will certainly be missed. Lisa’s last day will be Thursday, October 24th. I thank her for her two years of service and all the energy and enthusiasm she has brought to the job.

As much as we will miss Lisa, we are delighted that she has this opportunity and wish her well.

I have identified a very good candidate to replace Lisa, and I hope to be able to announce that within the next week. I am very excited about the person we are considering and the gifts that person will bring to our congregation. Stay tuned!

Yours in Christ,

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  1. Lisa is going to strengthen her marriage and family, as it should be, that being said I
    will miss a friend in the office. She has been a great support to the ministry of St. Dunstan’s,
    and important part of the life of this Community.

    Blessings, Peace, Joy as you now enter into a deeper relationship with your family.

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