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uunews16cDid you know that every week you can download the latest sermon from St. Dunstan’s Church on iTunes? Those recordings, and the clear sound we enjoy in our worship are made possible by our excellent sound booth team, made up of Alex Broadhead and Chuck Pacher. Alex and Chuck have made it their ministry to allow the rest of us to HEAR our worship.

Last Sunday was an example of the excellence of this team. Alex set up and managed four extra microphones for our narrated Eucharist. We had two extra standing microphones around the lectern, an extra lapel microphone for the deacon, and a handheld for our music director, and all of that without feedback, pops, crackles, or dropouts. If you have ever facilitated a meeting where you hired a sound team, you know how rare this flawless functioning is!

If you miss a service, check out the sermon podcast on iTunes. This Sunday we will have the second half of our narrated Eucharist, with narration for the liturgy of the table (everything after the passing of the Peace). As you enjoy these services, it is our sound team that makes them possible.

Yours in Christ,

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