Sound & Recording Team

150218_ministriesDid you know that every week you can download the latest sermon from St. Dunstan’s Church on iTunes? We record the entire service and publish the sermon.  Those recordings and the clear sound we enjoy in our worship are made possible by our excellent sound booth team, made up of Alex Broadhead, Randy Van Heusden and Chuck Pacher. Alex, Randy, and Chuck have made it their ministry to allow the rest of us to HEAR our worship.

The Sound and Recording team had a new opportunity to contribute this week. Our church was burglarized, and key components of our sound system were stolen. Chuck and Alex were able to quickly provide an inventory of the missing parts. Alex is working on a replacement for the sound mixing board. We hope to have all the components replaced in just a couple of weeks. We will have an even better and more functional system when we finish, thanks to the expertise of this team and our good insurance coverage.

This ministry both supports our worship and makes it possible to share our worship more widely with the publication of sermons. This is another example of giving thanks to God by using our gifts and talents.

If you miss a service, check out the sermon podcast on iTunes. If you hear something that you want to share with someone else, send them to our web page. As you enjoy these services, it is our sound team that makes them possible.

Yours in Christ,

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