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Stewardship Annual Campaign

campaign_4206cThis year our stewardship annual campaign is an invitation to “Tell your story and write our next chapter.” We all have stories of our time together at St. Dunstan’s Church. We have seen beautiful worship and shared in meaningful ministries. Each of the many ministries and activities listed in our stewardship letter has a story behind it and people who have made that ministry happen.

When we make our pledge to support St. Dunstan’s Church, we are supporting those ministries, and we are supporting the people who make those ministries possible.

We are seeing wonderful new vitality at St. Dunstan’s Church with new ministries and new friends as well as our longtime friends and ministries. This year we are telling our story by listing all the baptisms that have occurred over the years in our congregation. Be sure to look over the banners in the Narthex with the lists of names and some wonderful pictures from years past.

We also want your help to write the next chapter. How is God inspiring you in your life? How are you seeing God at work in your neighborhoods and your families? Our faith is transformational and energizing. We come together in worship to be energized and then sent out into the world to make a difference. Whether it is the Lazarus $1 Experience or the excitement of the Canterbury Faire or the satisfaction of feeding our friends at Tent City 3, we are empowered by God’s love and sent forth to do God’s work.


Bonus Celebration: Thanksgiving Food Drive

On Sunday Madeline was inspired to stand and invite us to bring food offerings for the Greenwood Food Bank this coming Sunday. Next week is Thanksgiving, and the food bank would love to have appropriate foods to offer their clients. When you go to the supermarket next, consider buying something extra to share and bring it to church with you on Sunday. Let’s fill that box!

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