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160526_ministriesWe have been blessed to welcome several new students into our Sunday School this year, and the Sunday School teachers team is also growing. In addition to their weekly teaching responsibilities, the teachers are working on adopting an exciting new curriculum that focuses on the great stories of the Bible.

Our teachers provide a warm and caring environment for the children to learn and explore the life of Christ through storytelling, art projects, and other developmentally appropriate activities. Teaching the stories and values of our faith is one of the most important ways we give thanks to God. Our Sunday School teachers are good stewards of our faith and traditions.

Our children are one of God’s most precious gifts, and our teachers treasure each one. If you would like to know more about our Sunday School program or the new curriculum, just ask one of our teachers. They will gladly talk with you. If you would like to be a teacher and a part of our team, just let us know. You are most welcome and we would love to have you. Please contact Mary E. Pacher.

Yours in Christ,

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