Sunday School

On Pentecost, the pews were a little more crowded and a little more noisy than usual. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit stirring things up, or maybe it was because the children from Sunday School were in the whole service. We have a fabulous Sunday School program with great kids and an excellent team of teachers, all led by Mary E. Pacher. We have grown from a few kids to a dozen in the past couple years. I am grateful for the dedication of this team to pass on our faith to our children.

I learned years ago that the best way to learn something well was to try to teach it to someone else. When we teach our children how to follow Jesus, we deepen our own faith and understanding. God has given us the gift of children, and we show our gratitude by passing our faith on.

On Sunday, June 11th, we will celebrate our Sunday School program and thank our teachers with a special worship service. The children and teachers will take many of the key roles that day, including several musical offerings that promise to be quite good. Please come, worship with us, and thank our Sunday School for all they do to bring God’s kingdom to life for us.

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